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Pouring Water Over Stars - Book Review

If you’ve ever been on Tumblr, Instagram, or any other social media where people share quotes with vibrant imagery, you’ll appreciate this book. Pouring Water Over Stars is a brief glimpse into a sometimes tragic, sometimes hopeful, part of life. The emotional snippets in this book dragged my own memories up from a little box where I had thought I had them securely fastened. Thankfully, the author’s journey also brought me to a point of validation, knowing I’m not the only one that felt this way.

This book, while it’s a very short read, is akin to scrolling through someone’s Tumblr feed, where you constantly find yourself saying things like “Don’t let him make you feel that way, you’ve got this!” only to realize, you’re often talking to yourself too.

The very minor sprinkling of curses brought a human element that made the raw emotions expressed even more real. I love the way this book was put together, and hope it brought the author as much peace to write, as it gave me to read.

Check out Pouring Water Over Stars on Amazon and follow the author on Twitter!

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