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Book Review - Build with Bricks

I chuckled when I read the cover.


I had to read it twice, and still chuckled as I went to page two.

The entire book was full of quirky puns and the play on words had me smiling constantly. Now that doesn't mean humor was the only aspect of this book.

Who hasn't had a struggle growing up as a child? Who hasn't thought their parents didn't understand them, and thought they knew better? Build with Bricks tugs at our heart strings and brings back many childhood memories as we recall our own journey growing up and the building blocks that formed our metaphorical foundation.

Overall, this was a cute book that teaches a lesson while keepings things lighthearted. I have to admit the piglet in the story was much nicer than I would have been when presented with her house being threatened, but that is also a lesson, in that there are more ways than one to solve a problem.

Keep an eye out for some well placed nods to present day technology and be ready for at least one shocking reveal as we learn about life for the builder pig family, and the life lessons learned by one little pig.

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