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Balancing Wonderland Series

Balancing Wonderland

Book 1

Everyone knows the story of the girl who fell down the rabbit hole. But here’s the thing about a story that has been told over and over again… it changes. This is especially true, when the original, however entertaining, is not as close to the truth as it should be. You may be wondering why I’m telling you this. Good. You should wonder about such things. To be lacking in wonder is to be… well not mad, that’s for certain. All we have is the ability to wonder. And responsibility. For we are the Keepers of Wonderland. We are the ones that bring Balance when the very fabric of reality is threatened. Let me tell you then, of the real reason Alice was brought to Wonderland. Because despite what you may believe, it was no accident that the “White Rabbit” crossed her path. You see, in Wonderland, nothing is ever an accident.

Second Edition. Previously released under the name R. N. Torres.

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When Time Runs Out - Book 2

26 Episode Kindle Vella - Complete

Print Release Spring 2024

Alice and the Mad Hatter team up again, but this time they're looking for the Head Hatter. The two dive through the Looking Glass and end up in a Wonderland far in the past. Why did the Head Hatter come here, and why was it the Cheshire Cat that gave them the clue to his whereabouts? No sooner does the adventure start, than the two find themselves in hot water with the law, on the run, and lacking in friends. What else could go wrong? In Wonderland, it could be so very many things...


Zenith of the Moon - Book 3

Ongoing Vella - 13 episodes

There was a time when Wonderland was strange. Stranger than we ever imagined. Magic was wild and feral and sometimes caused the lines of reality to blur. In this story, things that shouldn't be possible, become so, and a wolf that once reigned over her mountain forest finds herself thrust into the world of humans. Now, Ylva must find the Sorceress that stole her form, or risk living out her days trapped in a frail human body, never to feel the wind in her fur again.

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Wolf Howling At The Moon Wallpapers.jpg

Kindle Vellas

Read the first three chapters free!

The Shadows Are No Place For Love

Shadows Cover.jpg


Please note, this Vella contains adult content and may not be suitable for all ages.

In a world run by mega corporations, money talks, and people disappear faster than the click of a button. Magic and cyber-ware have found a way to coexist, and people spend as much time in VR as they do in real life. Sam thought her life as a lawyer was complicated. But when her brother's life is at stake, she jumps headfirst into the world of shadows. She's willing to do anything to find him, but when she starts falling for a dark ops runner she has to decide where her loyalties really lie.

Renegade Mages

Renegade Mages.jpg


Magic is born to the wielder, and should be used uninhibited. Or so it used to be. The rule of the land now prohibits the free use of magic, the law of the land requiring registration and shackling of abilities. Mages are being herded into camps and forced to register; allowed only to use magic deemed necessary for their station in life. But a band of Renegades has decided to buck the system. They are determined for magic to be free, not a currency to be dolled out by the wealthy.

Solace Disrupted

Cover 1.jpg

Ongoing - 13 episodes

Hundreds of years ago, the Princes of Solace protected the lands against the three demons of the Red Tower. After centuries of war, the Princes of Solace finally sealed the demons in their tower and the land knew peace. But memories fade, and eventually even the Princes forgot the horrors of the Demon War. Now, the Princes bicker and argue, and when one of their own is murdered, all of Solace is thrown into upheaval as the fortifications in the Red Tower begin to crack and crumble.

The Wolf Inside

WAC Vella Cover.jpg


Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Please note, this Vella contains adult content and may not be suitable for all ages.

There are no such things as werewolves. At least, that's what Princess Reihlu was told her entire life. And she fully believed it, until she was trying to escape her evil new husband and found herself face to face with a creature from a nightmare. Now it seems like everyone she thought she could trust is suddenly keeping secrets and her husband is certain she's hiding something he wants. Reihlu is determined to win back her kingdom but it looks like she'll have to do it on her own.

The DA Files (A Succubus (anti)Heroine Dramedy)

DA Files cover.jpg

Ongoing - 9 episodes

What happens when you put a know it all sniper with a down to earth detective? The makings of just another crime drama. But that's not what this is. Eli isn't just a sniper. She's part of an agency created solely to keep angels and demons from tampering with Free Will. Humans aren't supposed to know they exist. Any they wouldn't, if she hadn't accidentally bound herself to the soul of a human detective.

On the Chopping Block


Complete - 8 Episodes

Life at court can be complicated, but Kallayah made it seem easy. She had a loving husband, wonderful friends, and few she would consider enemies. How then, did she come to find herself on a chopping block? They say before you die that your life flashes before your eyes. So it was, as the executioner picked up his axe.

This work is completed.

Lola and the Misfit Vigilantes (A Steampunk Western)


Ongoing - 7 episodes

Ten year old girls are supposed to wear frilly dresses, be polite, and absolutely, under no circumstances, should they consort with miscreants on the wrong side of the law. But Lola is exactly the misfit her father warned her about. When Lola discovers that she and her friends might hold the key to re-awakening an ancient magic while searching for clues on what happened to her mother, the misfits embark on an adventure that threatens to destroy not only them, but their way of life.

The Hunt


Temporarily on Hold - 7 Episodes

Serie wants nothing more than to be normal. But how exactly does one blend in with blue skin and horns? Despite that, she has a relatively peaceful life with her adopted family, until the day one of them is threatened. Serie does what any family member would do, she fights for those she cares about. Except her 'family' is horrified by the outcome, and Serie suddenly finds herself on the run. But what's worse, is she's hunted before she even leaves her home, and she has no idea why.

This story co-authored with Michael Egolf.

The Chosen One (And Other Story Clichés)

The Chosen One (And Other Story Clichés)

Ongoing - 7 episodes

I started this book in high-school, when falling through old books and being the magical chosen champion weren't as cliché as folks think they are now. I've decided to leave this book largely as it was when I wrote it, because despite my word choices and character development having improved with age (I hope), I'm rather fond of these old characters. Hopefully, I'm able to find the missing last chapters - I know I wrote them long ago, and promise to finish this for the love of story clichés.

Image by Benjamin Raffetseder

Other Publications

The Retired Spy - And Other Unconventional Spy Stories

August 5, 2022

Being a spy doesn't always go smoothly. Heck, sometimes it backfires horrendously. These short stories give an insight into the not so glamorous side of being a spy. Things go wrong. People's feelings get hurt. And sometimes, the mission is not the most important thing on your mind. These shorts range from dark to light hearted and everything in between. With five stories to read through, there's sure to be something for every reader to enjoy.

As Luck Would Have It

November 29, 2021

A Children's Book

Have you ever wished for something? Wishes can be made for good or bad, and the Wish that carries it out knows the job they should carry out as soon as they get their name. But what happens when a Wish is given a name that could go either way? How can they carry out their missions? How do they know if they should do something good or... something bad? Follow along with Luck, as he figures out the difference between good and bad on his own, and just how important his name really is.

As Luck Would Have It - Bedtime Story Edition

July 16, 2022

A Children's Book

Have you ever wished for something? Wishes can be made for good or bad, and the Wish that carries it out knows the job they should carry out as soon as they get their name. But what happens when a Wish is given a name that could go either way? How can they carry out their missions? How do they know if they should do something good or... something bad? Follow along with Luck, as he figures out the difference between good and bad on his own, and just how important his name really is.

Now in bedtime story format! This book is the same great story available in the full color picture book format, with a lot more text for the adventurous reader. If it's bedtime and you want to share a feel good story with a lesson, there are just enough pictures to keep them entertained while they nod off to sleep.

The Camping Trip

May 29, 2022

Short Story based on real life events. Released under separate pen name (Roxanne Rites).

We don't always recognize being in an abusive relationship, and even when we do, it can feel like we're trapped, with no way out. This short story is based on real life events. It's a snapshot of a single evening, and the events that led to the realization that we are more than what our abuser tells us we are.

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Writing by the Water

R. N. Popa

Published Author; Constant Dreamer


Story of R. N. Popa

Writing has always been my escape and my passion. At times, it was what saved me. I never thought of writing for anyone other than myself, until a dear friend believed in me enough to ask for the next chapter.

Ever since then, whenever I get a moment to myself that doesn't involve my two opinionated Schnauzers or the mad dash to survive in my day job, I find myself drawn back to the keyboard. There, I create worlds, and populate them with characters struggling with what you and I struggle with every day, though perhaps not always in a familiar setting.

I have written under a prior pen name (R.N. Torres), but life saw fit to throw me a curveball so I decided to take my grandmother's last name for my authoring. She always thought I would do great things, and I hope one day to prove her right.


Kender adage

"Every path is the right path, except when it's the left fork."

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