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Sneak Peek - After Wonderland

Updated: Apr 18, 2021

The dust has settled and the denizens of Wonderland have to pick up the pieces and start over. But not everyone is ready for life to go back to normal. At least one person is out for revenge. The Cheshire Cat is not about to let anyone, including you, stop him from completing his mission.


Fog. The dense fluffy stuff was everywhere. It clung to the buildings and spilled out of alleyways like a thick blanket of cotton. Street lights tried and failed to push it away, succeeding only in creating misty halos that were devoured in the thick pillowy haze. So thick was the fog this night that even sound was muffled.

There was a general sense of unease about this specific night in London. The few people who had ventured forth, had a tendency to bump into one another on the sidewalks; features blurred, visible long enough to mutter hasty, nervous apologies as they drew their coats a little closer and were again swallowed up by the mists.

A church bell began to ring, the toll of the bell ominous, instilling a sense of urgency in the last few pedestrians caught on the street. None of them could quite place why the fog felt so stifling, yet they all felt the same shared desire to get indoors where they would feel safe. Inside, the warm glow of their own living rooms waited to embrace them, promising comfort and perhaps a beverage to help rid them of the night’s chill. As the bell rang its final note, the night fell silent, as if holding its breath. Waiting.

In a particularly dark and eerie alley, the kind that made for the perfect murder mystery setting, the mists began to swirl. A breeze sprang forth, having no business being there, but dancing merrily amidst the fog and wreaking havoc on the stillness. Spirals of fog fought to cling to the real estate they had so rightfully claimed, until a cane connected with the brick sidewalk, a metallic sound ringing through the night and sending the fog scampering away like frightened mice.

The cane belonged to a man in shining black shoes, wearing a storm cloud grey pinstripe suit complete with coat tails and vest. His shirt was a rich purple, the color of a ripened plum, and a square of similar color peeked out of his front breast pocket. His eyes shone brightly in the night, the light from a nearby streetlight making them look like golden orbs.

The man spared a moment to run elegant long fingers through midnight black hair as he surveyed his surroundings, and his face broke out into a wide grin. With far more grace than any human should possess, he began stalking down the street, the fog fleeing before him and drawing together again reluctantly in his wake.

Somewhere out there, his prey was waiting. But the Cheshire Cat was not in any rush. He knew exactly when and where he was going to strike.


< | > < | >





What have we here?








Honestly, I’m curious to see what you do; how you react to what happens next.





One of these days, It will be the death

of me.






Don’t say I didn’t warn you… < | > < | >


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Mmmmm, this makes me happy

R. N. Popa
R. N. Popa
Apr 18, 2021
Replying to

Wait until you see what happens next! 🎩

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